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Red Deer Chiropractor Offers Unparalleled, Personalized Care

Life Changing Results at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

My name is Dr. Norman Hoffman. I was born in Red Deer. I was raised in Red Deer. And after I went away to my degree as a chiropractor, I came back to Red Deer. Chiropractic has helped me, my family and the people I care about in more ways that I can count. And it can help you, too.

Besides fixing the usual back pain, headaches and neck pain, chiropractic improves the function of your nervous system. Your central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. Wouldn’t you want your brain to function better?

My interest in neurology stems back from my days at Palmer Chiropractic College, where I learned about how the restoration of health begins with increasing proper flow of information along nerves. My burning desire to help those who have been unable to find help elsewhere led me to the ongoing pursuit of new and better ways to diagnose and enhance the function of the brain.

In 2014, I passed the board examination for the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and I bring this wealth of knowledge back to my patients in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

This means you get:

  • A comprehensive neurologic examination to find the underlying cause of your health condition.
  • High-tech tools to find hidden problems and measure results.
  • A doctor who will listen to you and care about your concerns.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation options for more complex cases.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Renewed hope, backed by science.

After being in practice for over 20 years and helping over 10,000 people, I feel like my patients, my staff and I are one big family. A 10,000 person family. You can feel the difference when you walk in my office. The staff knows your name and your favorite team and where you like to go on vacation. The patients are all engaged in a lively conversation amongst themselves, sharing their successes and encouraging each other. It’s nice. You’ll enjoy it.

If you want to look around the website some more, feel free. There’s lots to see and do. My favorite features are:

  • Our Interactive Brain model, showing what different parts do and what happens when they don’t work
  • Our patients can speak to you through our extensive Success Stories page
  • Our Weekly Blog discusses advances in neuroscience and treatment opportunities
  • The section on Functional Neurology discusses how our modern approach to healthcare can benefit you

If you or someone you care about is looking for a chiropractor in Red Deer, we invite you to join our family of happy, satisfied patients working together for a healthier future. If you are ready to get started right away, contact us.

Dr. Norman Hoffman | Red Deer Chiropractor | Call: (403) 346-2297