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Reach your optimum performance

You love your sport. You want to be the best.
You have been injured and want to get back to playing as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether you want to optimize your performance or recover from an injury, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Optimum Performance

We can monitor and measure such key factors as hand-eye reaction time, postural stability, targeting accuracy, visual bias, range of motion, muscle tone imbalances, endurance and much more.

Athletes know that little changes can make all the difference, but we can help make BIG changes that lead to surprising improvements in sport performance.

Injury Recovery

Some injuries heal quickly. Other injuries – like concussions can not only sideline an athlete, but could lead to long-term consequences. Our diagnostic approach can determine which areas of your nervous system have been most seriously affected, and this determines which techniques and technologies we will employ to get you better. Your treatment program will be customized to your individual needs to make your recovery to maximum improvement and quick as possible.

“I am a power lifter. I competed in the Junior National Power lifting Championship and placed silver in the 90kg class. This sport is brutal on my joints! For several years I had suffered pain in my neck and lower back, shoulders and knees and injury to both rotor cuffs. The culmination of severe pain and weakness in both shoulders had stopped me from competing. Then it all changed…. I met Dr. Hoffman and I got better!

During my first treatment, I drilled him with every question I could think of and Dr. Hoffman answered every one thoroughly and to my satisfaction. The adjustments were different – a lot less forceful then I had been receiving from previous chiropractors. I started to improve immediately! There was less pain in both shoulders and I regained my strength slowly. I continue to see Dr. Hoffman to prevent this injury from coming back and maintenance adjustments keep me in top performance. He is the only chiropractor I trust to help me and the reason I drive three hours to do so.” ~ Dino


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