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Developmental Delay

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Dr. Hoffman will help you understand how your child is developing and present you with options for care

Developmental delay is defined as “a condition which represents a significant (not slight or temporary) delay in the process of development where the primary cause is not known. The usual primary concern is that without special intervention it is likely that the child’s ability to attain normal developmental milestones and educational performance at school and otherwise could be jeopardized. Usually, these children have skills deficits in one or more specific areas including language, perception, meta-cognition and social, emotional and/or motor development.

By its definition, a diagnosis of developmental delay encourages early intervention during the primary years. Early identification and intense interventions are the keys to eliminating developmental delay as a primary need. Where the developmental delay persists beyond 8 years of age, the reason(s) is usually known.”


A Natural Approach to Developmental Delay

Chiropractic care is primarily interested in the proper functioning of the nervous system. As such, we are very interested in the proper development of our children. A complete examination by Dr. Hoffman, including a check of neurologic markers such as retained primitive reflexes, is a prudent step in understanding where your child truly is developmentally, and what options you might have for care.
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An excellent research paper on the topic is, “Developmental Delay Syndromes: Psychometric Testing Before and After Chiropractic Treatment of 157 Children”, authored by Scott C. Cuthbert, DC and Michel Barras, DC.

Our comprehensive neurologic examination for children with developmental delay focuses on finding which areas of the nervous system can be improved using modern chiropractic and rehabilitation principles. We will then devise strategies to target those areas for maximum functional improvement.

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An Increasingly Common Condition

According to a Government of Canada website, developmental delay is the most common disability in children aged 0 to 4. In 2001, 68% of children in this age group with a disability had a developmental delay, representing 1.1% of all children aged 0 to 4. Within this group,

  • 59% had a delay in their intellectual development
  • 54% had a delay in their physical development, and
  • 38% had another type of delay such as speech difficulties.

They state, “It is important to note that developmental delay is identified by the child’s parent/guardian and is not necessarily diagnosed by a health care professional. The identification of the disability is therefore based on the parent’s perception of his/her child’s development.”

My daughter was diagnosed by her pediatrician as having constitutional growth delay because they have no other label for it. She’s a six year old in the body of a three and a half year old essentially and would put on very little weight in a year. If she put on a pound or two in a year, that was doing pretty good. Since beginning treatment four months ago, she’s been putting on about a pound a month and is growing in stature and is very healthy

One of the first things that we noticed is her complexion changed considerably. She used to have very transparent skin, almost looking like a China doll, and within her first couple of treatments the color began to return to her face and things seemed to be working very differently for her. So we’re very pleased with the treatment that we’ve been receiving here and the progress we see in our daughter.


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