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As with many other health conditions, the chiropractor’s aim with epilepsy is not to treat the condition, but rather to improve the overall function of the person with the condition. While we do not claim to cure epilepsy or seizure disorders in general, our patients have reported dramatic improvements.

According the Epilepsy Canada website, 1 in 100 Canadians has some form of epilepsy. They define epilepsy as “a physical condition characterized by sudden, brief changes in how the brain works. It is a symptom of a neurological disorder – a disorder that affects the brain and shows itself in the form of seizures.”

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Eight years ago I experienced a stroke that gave me back problems and seizures. I was having seizure episodes about five times a day and now after seeing Dr. Norm I have none!!



The Connection Between Epilepsy and Chiropractic

Our patients have reported dramatic improvements

It has been found that 75% of new epilepsy cases are diagnosed in children. Understandably, therefore, much of the epilepsy research in the chiropractic field has focused on children. An extensive review of the available literature was published on the topic in 2001 in the peer-reviewed journal JMPT .

The author’s conclusion was simple – “Chiropractic care may represent a non-pharmaceutical health care approach for pediatric epileptic patients. Current anecdotal evidence suggests that correction of upper cervical vertebral subluxation complex might be most beneficial. It is suggested that chiropractic care be further investigated regarding its role in the overall health care management of pediatric epileptic patients.”


Our Approach

Our comprehensive neurologic examination for individuals with epilepsy and other seizure disorders focuses on finding which areas of the nervous systme are hyperexcitable and may be able to be stabilized. We will then devise rehabilitation strategies to target those areas for maximum functional improvement.

It is our desire to help you manage epilepsy naturally. We welcome the opportunity to see you for a consultation and examination. Please call our office today!

I had epileptic seizures that excluded me from having a normal life and neck, back and leg problems, which prevented me from important physical labours plus food allergies. I have now been without a seizure for near two years; I can now get a driver’s licence. My back, leg, and neck problems are no more and I can now eat well, without getting sick. My epilepsy was so bad when I came in that I was worried that I was falling into a vegetable state, often sitting doing nothing, but fighting to stay conscious.

Today I live a healthy, active life and I am once more doing hobbies that I stopped near seven years prior to treatment. The things I like most about the care I have received from Dr. Hoffman is that I can see and feel progress from my treatments within hours.

Eight years ago I experienced a stroke that gave me back problems and seizures – to name a few of the problems I was suddenly faced with. I was having seizure episodes about five times a day and now after seeing Dr. Norm I have none!! The doctors said that I should have back surgery that would leave me in a wheelchair for a while but because of Dr. Norm I didn’t need it, and I am getting around extremely well. It is so great to wake up in the morning with no pain, and knowing that I won’t have any seizure episodes. YAHOO!!


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