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How We Help You

{PRACTICE NAME} - We ListenWe Listen

We’ve all felt frustrated when someone doesn’t listen. We understand that when you are not at your best, sometimes you need a listening ear.

But this is never truer than when you’ve been struggling with a health problem for a while and you wait months to see someone who only gives you 2 minutes and then leaves.

We feel that the initial consultation, the first time we talk about your health concern, is one of the most important steps in arriving at a proper diagnosis and beginning to determine if yours is a case we can help.

Only after YOU feel that we fully understand the true scope and nature of your condition will we move on to the next step in your journey to better health – your examination.

{PRACTICE NAME} - Setting the BarSetting the Bar

For challenging cases, a 5 minute check over is not what you need. We want to know every little thing about how your nervous system ticks (and what’s not ticking) and that means a complete and thorough examination. We employ state-of-the-art technology, using up to 12 different pieces of computerized diagnostic equipment in combination with well-trained observational skills to give you measurable, evidence-based data to use as a baseline for your neurologic function.

Once you have been under care for a few visits, we will re-examine you, compare those results to your initial findings, and know what to do next. Our patients love it because they can see their improved test results for themselves. Proper testing eliminates guesswork. And we won’t guess with your health.

{PRACTICE NAME} - Individualized CareIndividualized Care

Once we have assessed your spine and nervous system from top to bottom, it’s time to go to work and making things better. No cookie-cutters here. Every patient’s care is driven by their unique test results and no two patients get the same treatment. For us, that means better results. For you, it means you’ll feel better quickly and see your health improve in ways you weren’t even expecting.

Our treatment protocols will likely involve something you haven’t done before which is why we get great results even when our patients have been to many other doctors before finding us. We don’t mind if we’re not the first place you’ve tried, we just want to be the last place you’ll need to go.

{PRACTICE NAME} - Providing HopeProvide Hope

At the end of the first visit, our patients often tell us how, “That was the most thorough exam I’ve ever had,” “Everything make so much sense,” and “I am so excited to get started.” We finish off your first visit by letting you know if we think you are a candidate for our treatments and asking if you understand why we think we can help. We want you to fully understand your diagnosis and treatment recommendations, so we often book a separate appointment, just to review these critical questions:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Can you help?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

If you know you want to begin right away, call our office today at 403-346-2297 or click here to send us an email to book a new patient consultation and examination.

If you aren’t sure yet if we will be able to help you with your case, we invite you to visit our Success Stories page and watch a few videos. Be warned, though, some of them are tearjerkers.


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