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Meet the Doctors at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness

Get to Know Our Chiropractors

Dr. Norm Hoffmann

Dr. Hoffman
Lead Clinician

Thirty-four years ago, Dr. Hoffman’s dad visited his medical doctor because of severe lower back pain that was preventing him from being able to do the manual labor associated with is job. The doctor told him that there was nothing he could do for him and that he would probably end up in a wheelchair within a few years.

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Dr Wade

Dr. Wade Harestad

Dr. Harestad has been practicing Chiropractic at Hoffman Chiropractic and Wellness since 2010. He endeavors to optimize the health of his patients through a combination of chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition to provide patients with a balanced approach at maintaining their health and wellness.

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Dr. Nolan

Dr. Derrick Nolan

In over 20 years of practice, I have devoted countless hours to becoming an expert in natural, non-invasive health and healing. I delight in helping others reach their full potential by sharing how chiropractic adjustments can make that happen.

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Meet the Team

Clinic Director and Patient Care Coordinators

Trina headshot

Clinic Director

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I have been with Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness since 2018 as the Clinic Director. Chiropractic has always been a regular part of my life and now I love that I get to help others get great care and be healthier.I love travelling, reading, singing, music, and knitting. I love the ocean; not necessarily being in the ocean, but sitting, staring and listening to it. Or being on a cruise ship!
Mercedes headshot

Patient Care Coordinator

Pamella headshot

Patient Care Coordinator

Annette headshot

Patient Care Coordinator + Lead Insurance Administrator

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I grew up in Barrhead, Alberta and graduated from NAIT with an Office Administrative diploma. I have worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for over 14 years. In my free time, I love to bake, knit, craft, travel, and spend time with family. At Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness, I enjoy being a part of the process of helping people. Seeing the patients make progress and getting to know them, makes my job so rewarding!Being in the chiropractic field for this many years I have seen hos chiropractic can help patients, including myself and my family, in so many different ways other then just back pain. I am grateful to have discovered the many ways chiropractic can help everyone from babies to seniors live healthier and happier lives.

Neuro-rehabilitation Therapists

Amber headshot

Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist

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As a Chiropractic Technician since 2013, my primary responsibility is attending to new patients. I am the one who assists Dr. Hoffman with the extensive neurologic exams and performing the initial diagnostic testing.
I studied psychology and english at Dalhousie University and have a Diploma in Practical Nursing.I like everything about my job! I enjoy working as part of a team, the brilliant doctors, and learning something new every day. I enjoy monitoring and tracking patients’ progress. Seeing them improve is amazing. I like getting to know patients and their stories; knowing everyone by their names and on a personal level is awesome. I love helping people.Working here has made me want to be the best “me” I can be. I eat healthier and exercise more. I have less back and neck pain, less anxiety, less headaches, and more energy and focus!
Olivia headshot

Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist

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I’ve been part of Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness‘s team since 2018. I really enjoy being a Chiropractic Technician and meeting all sorts of people and being a part of their journey to their healthiest life. There are so many people who can’t get the help they need or are living with pain they’ve had forever, and to see them get better is so worthwhile. I’ve had chiropractic adjustments my whole life, and I can’t think of what it would be like to live without it. Simple things like shoulder and skull plate adjustments often make the difference in my mood, health and sleep schedule.I am currently in college working towards getting my diploma in Applied Psychology. I’m passionate about creative writing, Marvel, puzzles, and music.
Cassidy headshot

Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist

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