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Multiple Sclerosis ~ Chiropractic Care

The MS Society of Canada describes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as, “an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system, which is composed of the brain and spinal cord. The disease attacks the myelin which is a protective covering wrapped around the nerves of the central nervous system.”[1] MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease of central nervous system (brain & spinal cord) that attacks the protective covering of the nerves, known as the myelin.

Many reports demonstrate a positive effect from chiropractic care of MS.

The symptoms of MS are often unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person, but the most common symptoms include:

  • extreme fatigue
  • lack of coordination
  • weakness
  • tingling
  • impaired sensation
  • vision problems
  • bladder problems
  • cognitive impairment
  • mood changes

Impact & Prevalence

“An estimated 100,000 Canadians are living with multiple sclerosis (MS). While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it can affect younger children and older adults.”  

                                                   ~MS Society of Canada

The symptoms of MS can be severely disabling and its effects often impact physical, emotional, and financial well-being. If you or someone that you know suffers from this disease, the good news is that treatment is available which can help reduce symptom severity.

Reducing the Impact of Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms of MS are completely dependent on the location and number of nerves affected. There is no cure for MS, so doctors of chiropractic focus on treatments to slow the disease progress, reduce the number of relapses, or manage the symptoms. Our office combines these traditional chiropractic approaches with state-of-the-art computerized neurologic diagnostic and treatment methods.

Find out how chiropractic may help to manage MS and improve your quality of life. Call us today @ 1.403.346.2297  to schedule an appointment!


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