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Musculoskeletal Pain at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness

Musculoskeletal illustrationBack pain from lifting improperly. Neck strain from looking down at your digital devices. Wrist pain from spending hours at work on your computer. Those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain are the ones who traditionally seek chiropractic care. They know that natural chiropractic care may provide the relief they need without the use of drugs or surgery.

Maybe your pain started recently or has been going on for a while and you have chosen to ignore it. Or perhaps you can’t move or are unable to straighten up. You may have been putting up with chronic tension headaches and finally want to do something about it. You’ve come to the right place!

What to Expect

The first step in getting relief from your musculoskeletal pain is an exam. Our doctors will perform a comprehensive exam to identify the source of the problem. We will then create a care program that is customized to your unique needs. Our musculoskeletal exam is our quicker, more affordable option than our Complex Exam.

Gentle, Effective Care

We make sure we’re gentle and use the technique that’s most appropriate for you and your particular concern. Our approach involves more than just providing an adjustment. We start your case by taking a thorough case history and then performing a variety of clinical tests. We really want to listen and understand the true nature of your situation, so nothing gets missed.

Your initial exam becomes a baseline, so we can monitor your progress and know when your problem has been fully resolved – and not just patched! Whether it’s taking scans using the or performing other testing, rest assured that we’re taking your case seriously and doing our very best to get you better.

Thermal scan on neck

If You’ve Never Received Chiropractic Care

Many people in the musculoskeletal pain category may have resisted getting chiropractic care because they’re not at the point of being desperate to get relief. They may wonder if chiropractic will make them feel worse. Perhaps they don’t want to get their neck cracked.

The good news is we will customize solutions to ensure you are comfortable. We can provide chiropractic adjustments using 8 different chiropractic techniques. Some people enjoy their adjustment done with instruments that are light force-no cracking or popping required. Some people prefer a deeper adjustment. Either way, the treatment plan is fully customized to you and you can choose how long you want to benefit from care.

Maybe your case would respond best to laser treatment. Our history and exam will help us determine the right course of action for you.

Patient Reviews

“I can bend farther and sit longer. My range of motion has increased and I’m in better moods” – JB

“The pain has drastically reduced which helps me sleep better and do more” – DP

“Work is easier, sleep is undisturbed and for the first time in years, I can work without a back brace” – IS

“I can now pick up my kids and play with them again” – MB

“I now have no pain at all in my back and I can touch my toes for the first time ever. I have more zest for life and I overall feel awesome” – DB

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