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Our Weekly Doctor Report

Our weekly doctor report gets rave reviews!

One of the best times of the week for me is when I get to present our “Doctor Report” to our patients, as well as all the newcomers to the practice.

This popular event is held every Monday evening at 6:30 and usually lasts for about an hour. We also welcome all the friends and family members of our current practice members!

One-time attendance at this free weekly experience is ideal for those who:

  • Have been to other health care professionals who have not provided the results they’ve been seeking
  • Want to understand how the chiropractic approach is different than the standard medical pathway

Our Talks Are Fun and Informative!

During the evening, I will go over some of the tests that we do here at the practice. I will discuss what the various tests mean, as well as how to understand and interpret the results. That way, when patients get their actual test results, they will have some understanding of what they mean. I always ask participants if they found the session useful and invariably get a rousing response!

We’d love to have you join us. If you’d like to invite some of your friends or family to our weekly talk, just make sure to give us a call and register them ahead of time so that we have enough materials available. See you soon!

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