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Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease begins gradually. Seek care as early as possible.

Chiropractors do not treat Parkinson’s Disease (PD). PD, however, is a neurologic disorder, and therefore chiropractors are naturally interested in improving the neurologic function of individuals suffering from this condition.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects your movement. It develops gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. But while a tremor may be the most well-known sign of Parkinson’s disease, the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement.

In the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, your face may show little or no expression or your arms may not swing when you walk. Your speech may become soft or slurred. Parkinson’s disease symptoms worsen as your condition progresses over time.”

Our Approach

Request an appointmentOur comprehensive neurologic examination for Parkinsonian patients focuses on finding which rehabilitative exercises may provide the most functional improvement.

Find out if chiropractic may offer you the support you need to manage PD. Please give our office a call or email us today!

Starting Early to Improve Function

Parkinson’s disease begins gradually and the best time to seek care is as early as possible. Numerous studies have shown that direct electrical stimulation of the brain can improve PD symptoms and progression but due to the invasive nature of the procedure, patients often seek less agressive ways to improve their quality of life.

Using these safe and noninvasive techniques, we have seen dramatic improvements in

  • Ability to walk
  • Movement
  • Stiffness
  • Tremor

When a PD patient tells me, “I can walk so much better, thank you,” that’s a good day. I enjoy working with these people who have few other options and little hope. Improving their quality of life is truly rewarding.

Dr. Norman Hoffman

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