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Your Doctor

Medical professionals are seeing the benefits of working together with a multi-disciplinary team to help patients achieve the highest level of health. We have received numerous referrals from medical doctors over the years for a variety of conditions.

We will be happy to provide your doctor with the results of your assessment, then apprise him or her of any changes in your condition as things improve.

Medical doctors who refer to chiropractors do so usually because they know the chiropractor personally and trust them to take good care of their patients, not because they have a chiropractic degree.” ~ Ralph Gay, MD, DC

Snellen Eye ChartYour Optometrist

Probably the largest single source of professional referrals we receive is from Doctors of Optometry. When your nervous system is not functioning properly it often affects the visual system. Symptoms of blurred vision, fuzziness, dizziness, difficulty reading, headaches and fatigue can prompt you to get your eyes checked. If your optometrist doesn’t see an issue that can be improved by corrective lenses, they might send you to our office to see what else we can find.

Our comprehensive neurologic examination gets to the root of the problem quickly. Once we know what is causing your symptoms, we can create an individualized care plan to make it better.

I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by my optometrist, having just had a stroke. As a result of his treatments and expertise, I am walking with much more endurance and strength in my stride. I am feeling much healthier and know each treatment in my overall health and wellbeing! His excellent care is definitely making a difference in my life as a patient.” ~ David M

SchoolYour Teacher

There are many roadblocks to learning and many of the teachers from playschools to high schools in and around Red Deer have discovered that we can help. Some are themselves patients. Others have attended one of the many lectures we have given on improved neurologic function. Still others only found out what we do after one of their struggling students started to excel, and they asked, “Why?”

Students with learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety issues and other troubles that affect school performance have come to Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.

Our comprehensive neurologic examination pinpoints problem areas in the nervous system affecting your child’s health and functioning. Once identified, we can focus treatment on his or her specific needs and create a personalized solution.

Does it work? See for yourself. Watch this video:

Jacob was hyper and unable to concentrate. I noticed an improvement in 2 weeks. And in only 6 weeks he became a different boy. He is a much more happy and contented child. And he can now play quietly by himself.” ~ Diane
She had delayed speech, sleeping problems, concentration problems, and constant constipation. In three weeks she showed improvement in all areas, noticeable to her playschool teachers.” ~ Illesa

Your Friend or Family Member

Of all the referrals we get, we get the most from our satisfied patients. It is rewarding to see the confidence our patients have in us by referring their family and close friends. If someone who cares about you has referred you, we promise to take really good care of you.

If you’ve experienced great results from care in our office, it’s only natural to want someone you love to benefit too. If you refer someone, we’ll take good care of them too.

I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Norm for my daily headaches that required constantly taking Aspirin and Tylenol. The headaches stopped almost immediately after my first treatment. And now with regular treatments they hardly ever return.” ~ Tracey

SearchNo referral

If you just found us through Google, or just wandering around the web, that’s ok too. You don’t need a referral to become a patient at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.

No referral means that no one has been talking us up to you, but we can fix that. Click here to go to our Success Stories page, and you can hear from dozens of our patients. They wanted to help you make the right decision.

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