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The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation describes stroke as “a sudden loss of brain function. It is caused by the interruption of flow of blood to the brain (ischemic stroke) or the rupture of blood vessels in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke).

The interruption of blood flow or the rupture of blood vessels causes brain cells (neurons) in the affected area to die.”

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Post stroke rehab is vital to maximizing return of function

I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by my optometrist, having just had a stroke. As a result of his treatments and expertise, I am walking with much more endurance and strength in my stride. I am feeling much healthier and know each treatment helps in my overall health and wellbeing! His excellent care is definitely making a difference in my life as a patient.
David M.


Restoring Function after a Stroke

The most important consideration in stroke is prevention, but once a person has had a stroke, post-stroke rehabilitation is vital to maximizing the return of function.

Not all functions can be fully restored. Once brain cells have died, they do not re-grow. Rehabilitation focuses, however, on restoring the patient’s ability to perform the activities of daily living to the greatest extent possible. Out comrehensive approach to maximizing human performance is well-suited to post-stroke rehabilitation and our patients have benefitted from this improvement in functional capacity.

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Rehabilitating with Chiropractic

International researchers have found that chiropractic has had a positive effect on the restoration of swallowing after a stroke. (3) This gives evidence that chiropractic intervention can have a positive effect on improving the function of these nerves post-stroke. In our office, we have seen improvements in a variety of other symptoms, including

  • Cognitive function
  • Coordination
  • Gait
  • Tremor

Our comprehensive neurologic examination for post-stroke individuals focuses on finding which areas of the nervous system may be able to be improved when certain exercises are prescribed. We will then devise rehabilitation strategies to target those areas for maximum functional improvement.

We want to assist you in gaining your function back following a stroke. Schedule your examination and consultation today!

Eight years ago I experienced a stroke that gave me back problems and seizures – to name a few of the problems I was suddenly faced with. I was having seizure episodes about five times a day and now after seeing Dr. Norm I have none!!

The doctors said that I should have back surgery that would leave me in a wheelchair for a while but because of Dr. Norm I didn’t need it, and I am getting around extremely well.

It is so great to wake up in the morning with no pain, and knowing that I won’t have any seizure episodes. YAHOO!!
Joan W.

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