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Studies reveal the incredible benefits of exercise for those with MS

MS doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines!

Incorporating regular physical activity as a part of everyday life holds numerous benefits for the mind and body. From staving off disease and cognitive decline, to reducing stress and balancing mood, regular exercise can transform your life.

For those with MS, engaging in regular fitness is often made more difficult by symptoms of fatigue, weakness, and cognitive challenges. But the good news is, two decades of research has shown that regular, moderate exercise can help to significantly reduce MS symptoms.

What the Research Says

In 1996, Jack Petajan, MD, PhD, and MS specialist, conducted the first major study on the effects of exercise in people with mild to moderate MS. This study revealed that regular aerobic exercise increased fitness, arm and leg strength, and workout capacity (Petajan 1996). In addition to the physical benefits, participants also reported reduced depression, fatigue, and anger (Petajan). Subsequent studies corroborate the mental and physical benefits of exercise in those with MS, with significant improvement in participants’ all around well-being and quality of life.

Active Body, Active Brain

If that’s not enough to get you moving, research has also demonstrated that:

“[exercise] helps to rebuild critical connections and generate nerve growth factors in the brain and nervous system” (Harmon 2014).

Activating your body activates your brain which protects neurons and leads to a better quality of life. Our clinical approach is to find areas of your nervous system that need the greatest degree of activation, and recommend specific exercises to stimulate those neurons.

All levels of disability can benefit from physical activity, modified as necessary for the individual. We encourage you to challenge yourself, while also making fitness fun!

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