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What Our Patients Say

We encourage you to read the testimonials below and feel inspired by the words of our patients. It is our hope that we can help you too live a healthier, more mobile life.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Committed to your health,

Dr. Norman Hoffman

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It has been 2 years since I first saw Dr. Hoffman. I had a double aneurysm 10 years ago and had declining health since that time. The professional, friendly loving staff at this Clinic have been remarkable. I continue to feel better and move forward with the help from Dr. Hoffman and staff. I have a long way to go but feel I am moving in the right direction. I love the idea of no medication but allowing the body to heal itself with Chiropractor care. I encourage everyone to be open and move in a healthy, positive direction.
Wendy M.

Great To Work With!

My questions were answered and I had it all explained to me what was being done and the effect of it. A great job in checking in and making sure I am no longer feeling the pain I was feeling prior to my visit. Steven D

Best Chiropractors

Very friendly knowledgeable front end staff. Dr Harestad is one of the best Chiropractors I have ever been to because he listens to my problems. I am well on my way to recovery after just 5 treatments. It is about a 2 hour turnaround travel time but well worth it. Thank you Nicole C. for convincing me to come. Murray C.

Impressed By Technology

Thank you for such a thorough, respectful assessment for our teenage daughter. We were very impressed by the technology and knowledgeable staff. Toni P.

Looking Forward To Feeling Great Again

I am hopeful that I can be helped. I was using my last chiropractor as a bandaid for 20+ yrs, therefore I am excited that I was given exercises to do to help myself. The up to date techniques, and the technologies used in the office are a little mind blowing. I am very much looking forward to feeling great again, and not just live with the pain and discomfort. Tara K.

Knowledgeable and Understanding

Very knowledgeable and is very understanding and willing to answer any and all questions. Explained what was being done and the reasoning behind it. I can’t recommend more to anyone who is in pain and suffering. I’m from a different province and will make the trip for treatment as I feel I can get relatively pain free. Thank you! Tony H.


Amazing with my son. He made him feel very comfortable and listened too. He also put my mind at ease. He was teaching and showing us what he was doing the whole way through the assessment. Eli S.

Really Caring

As I had been injured with a concussion in a MVA, I really wanted to find somewhere to get the help that I needed to recover! I went to many chiropractic offices, and called quite a few, and when I called your office to see if you would take on MVA insurance patients, the first thing the lady asked was did you have a concussion? I said yes and I still do. The extensive tests that were done before my initial treatment were further proof that this practice really does care, and I am confident I will get results for the full extent of my pain & suffering from this MVA! Valerie N.


On my second visit for x-ray results I was extremely emotional, Dr Wade took the extra time and compassion to really listen to me and explain the steps to get healthier… where I have fallen down, he gives me hope that I will lift up again. In just 2 appointments he has given me the optimism I need. I am looking forward to compare the change in me in 6 months and so on. The first adjustment from Dr Wade has already made a difference for me and I can’t wait for the next set! Annette W.

Friendly and Helpful

My daughter recommended that I go and see Dr Hoffman as she was certain he could help me as he has really helped her. I feel after a few visits I feel relieved that Dr. Hoffman can help me as its been a painful few years all the staff was so welcoming and friendly and helpful. Thank you for being so professional but making me feel like a family member. Nancy C.


Wonderful at explaining everything to me, making sure I had a thorough understanding of what my test results showed and what we would do to fix it. Jillian V.

Informative and encouraging

Everyone was kind and courteous and efficient with our time. Overall really it was informative and encouraging. Aaron O.


The examination was very thorough. Staff was friendly. Amber works with new patients and she was awesome. She treated me with respect and was very friendly, putting me at ease. Dr. Hoffman recognized my health issues before I even told him about them. Jeanne H.


Very impressed with Dr. Hoffman and his assistants, more then confident that I visited the right place for help. Darren P.

Back Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I injured my back at work a year and a half ago. I had countless tests and treatments that didn’t help. I was in such pain that I was not sleeping or eating right. I had constant headaches and was very depressed. I felt a difference after just three adjustments. The pain is gone. No more headaches and I can now sleep like a baby. If it weren’t for Dr. Hoffman I would have had a needless surgery on my back. Thank you for giving me my life back!” Rose

“Dr. Hoffman excels in caring for the whole body and spine health. He continuously is taking and updating courses to offer the latest and best treatments for his patients. My back has never felt better and Dr. Hoffman is helping me with improving my overall health.”  Rochelle S

“He is the first chiropractor to help me gain relief for my back symptoms. Also his focus on whole health and supplements has also been helpful and effective.” Cheynne S

“Dr. Hoffman has helped me a lot with my health since I came and he takes a personal interest in his patients. My back has been a lot better with coming to him. He also takes an interest in diet and exercise.” Diane B

“Dr. Hoffman always has time to listen. He listens and he uses his vast knowledge to fix the problem as well as recommend other methods to help with any issues. He is very thorough in providing care for his patients, my back has greatly improved since coming to him. He was recommended by two if my coworkers who also feel the same way.” Bambi S

“When I began chiropractic care the pain in my lower back was debilitating. I also had pain between my shoulder blades and in my neck. The pain is steadily diminishing which has enhanced life. Work is easier, sleep is undisturbed and for the fist time in years, I can work without a back brace!” Irv

“I came to see Dr. Hoffman because of the intense pain along my entire spine and the burning and weakness in my legs. Since receiving chiropractic care, the pain has drastically reduced which help me sleep better and do more. For example, I can ride in vehicles for longer periods of time.” Diana, Rimbey, Alberta

“My back was in so much pain that my arm swinging while I walked was extremely painful. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I am now functioning normally. I can now pick up my kids and play with them again.” Mike, Red Deer, Alberta

“I have suffered for the past three years with serious degeneration – lower lumbar, spine, and neck. My ribs wouldn’t stay in place and I had such pain in my legs that I had to use a cane to walk. I saw several medical doctors and other chiropractors, and I was told that I would not be walking at all in two years. After about six weeks of care from Dr. Hoffman, I felt very good again! Dr. Hoffman has all the latest knowledge and equipment, and a whole new world of information and knowledge that changes the whole scope of health, wellness and chiropractic. I have improved greatly and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hoffman and his staff!” Marlene, Edmonton, Alberta

Hands/Arms & Chiropractic Care

” I had numbness going down my left arm. I can now go back to the gym and finish a work out.” Darwin, Red Deer, Alberta

Hip Pain & Chiropractic Care

“Before meeting Dr. Hoffman I used to experience extreme pain in my hips which made walking very difficult. It also was quite uncomfortable sitting and lying down and I also suffered from frequent headaches. Since receiving care I can now walk with ease and without a limp at all! I have no pain in my hips and headaches are far less frequent. I can do everything a 29 year old should be able to do; run, walk, dance, jump, climb stairs! The incredible team at the clinic is always friendly and Dr. Hoffman is always amusing, as well as very skilled. The advanced technology and the client care classes are great too!” Amanda

Knee Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I was experiencing severe knee joint pain with every step I took. It also ached when I wasn’t walking. I had experienced this for 15 years with it getting increasing worse to the point that I could barely walk. I am amazed with results. I can now walk any distance I like and be on my feet for any amount of time I like and I feel no pain. Simply ” a miracle” Thank you Dr. Hoffman, for caring for me and helping me so much” L.B., Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Neck Pain & Chiropractic Care

“A constant throbbing in my neck area which had been causing my hands to fall asleep was the reason I began to see Dr. Hoffman. Since coming to the clinic, the pain is next to nothing and I can do everything that I enjoyed before! The friendly atmosphere, the “Doc” and the feeling after an appointment are among the many things I enjoy when visiting the clinic. I plan to continue my care for overall maintenance!” Vicky, Drumheller, Alberta

Sciatica & Chiropractic Care

“I had severe, debilitating sciatic pain and since coming to Dr. Hoffman I am 98% pain free. I am no longer living on pain killers. I am a lot happier and I have been told I am looking healthier too. The staff is very friendly and polite.” Janice

Shoulder Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I have a frozen shoulder with very limited use of left arm. Since coming to the clinic I have MUCH more freedom of movement and MUCH less pain. I can do my own hair again. I can work a full day at the computer pain free! I can reach for things without sharp jabs of pain! I can even fight with the cat (and win) and can make sudden evasive moves with my left arm! Fantastic. The appointments are arranged to accommodate my schedule. The Dr. and staff are personable. I’m getting results!”

Sports & Chiropractic Care

“I am a power lifter. I competed in the Junior National Power lifting Championship and placed silver in the 90kg class. This sport is brutal on my joints! For several years I had suffered pain in my neck and lower back, shoulders and knees and injury to both rotor cuffs. The culmination of severe pain and weakness in both shoulders had stopped me from competing. Then it all changed…. I met Dr. Hoffman and I got better! During my first treatment, I drilled him with every question I could think of and Dr. Hoffman answered every one thoroughly and to my satisfaction. The adjustments were different – a lot less forceful then I had been receiving from previous chiropractors. I started to improve immediately! There was less pain in both shoulders and I regained my strength slowly. I continue to see Dr. Hoffman to prevent this injury from coming back and maintenance adjustments keep me in top performance. He is the only chiropractor I trust to help me and the reason I drive three hours to do so.” Dino, Edmonton

Letters of Thanks

Multiple Symptoms & Chiropractic Care

“I had pain in my back, feet, shoulders and neck all of the time. I used rubbing creams, sleeping pills, and all kinds of anti-inflammatory pills. This went on for 28 years! My stomach couldn’t take the pills anymore and I was so unhappy. This has all changed since seeing Dr. Norm. I am happier, not in pain, and sleeping through the night without pills. I can’t believe it! It is like a miracle.” Jean, Rimbey, Alberta

“Before receiving chiropractic care, I was in constant pain with memory loss, fatigue, headaches and anxiety. After only a short while, the pain has decreased significantly. Now I can get my housework done and life is more enjoyable” Crystall, Innisfail, Alberta

“I came to Dr. Hoffman with back, neck, shoulder pain, and in emotional turmoil. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I feel more relaxed because the pain has been reduced. Life is enjoyable and good again. I have more energy and am able to do things I have not been able to do for sometime.” Sheldon, Red Deer, Alberta

“Before seeing Dr. Hoffman I was uptight, had neck pain, sleeplessness and unable to be mobile without feeling stiff. I now have no pain, sleep well, and feel 100% better. I am able to walk further and faster and am able to enjoy more activities with great ease, making me a more pleasant person to be around. I am able to meet challenges of every day living with a better attitude.” Trudy

“Prior to starting my care at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness I was experiencing back, shoulder, hand and hip pain. As I have been receiving my chiropractic care my body pain is gone! I am now able to participate in lots of activities and exercise again. I believe chiropractic care can benefit everyone!” Nieva, Red Deer, Alberta

“I had severe pain in my lower back, neck, and shoulders. I am now able to do more things that I could do before and with much less pain. The office has a comfortable atmosphere and they are friendly and accommodating.” Lora, Fort St. John, British Columbia

“I had lower back pain and right hip pain. I am now feeling much better. I am starting to forget what it was like to be in pain all the time. The office is very pleasant and the staff is friendly. The Dr. is very honest and explains things clearly.” Ioney, Red Deer, Alberta


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