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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness Centre patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Committed to your health

Dr. Norman Hoffman

Symptom Specific Testimonials

Friendly and Helpful

My daughter recommended that I go and see Dr Hoffman as she was certain he could help me as he has really helped her. I feel after a few visits I feel relieved that Dr. Hoffman can help me as its been a painful few years all the staff was so welcoming and friendly and helpful. Thank you for being so professional but making me feel like a family member. Nancy C


Dr.Tim was wonderful at explaining everything to me, making sure I had a thorough understanding of what my test results showed and what we would do to fix it. Jillian V.

Informative and encouraging

Everyone was kind and courteous and efficient with our time. Overall really it was informative and encouraging. Aaron O.


Examination was very thorough. Staff was friendly. Amber works with new patients and she was awesome. She treated me with respect and was very friendly, putting me at ease. Dr. Hoffman recognized my health issues before I even told him about them. Jeanne H.

Impressed By Technology

Thank you for such a thorough, respectful assessment for our teenage daughter. We were very impressed by the technology and knowledgeable staff. Toni P.


Very impressed with Dr. Hoffman and his assistants, more then confident that I visited the right place for help. Darren P.

More Written Testimonials

Great Job

First impression is always a good thing and upon entering the center it was a warm and caring atmosphere from reception to primarily preparation. It has me wanting to come back just for the smiles and cheerfulness. Great job Hoffman Associates Team! Phil P.


Dr. Hoffman presented with an outstanding knowledge in all aspects of holistic medicine. He helped me way beyond what you generally expect from a chiropractor. I have recommended him to all my friends. Thomas L.

Skilled Efficient Caring

Dr. Hoffman is skilled, efficient, and caring. I like that he can muscle test to find problem areas. Dr. Hoffman is an important part of my preventative care program. Pam H.

Thoughtful And Considerate

Dr. Hoffman is thoughtful and considerate. He takes a genuine interest in his patients. he is thorough, and will work hard to ensure his patients reach their optimal health. Danielle C.


Dr. Hoffman is awesome, he listens to your concerns and explains what he is doing and why. Brenda C.


Dr. Hoffman is dedicated to making all of us feel better. He is truly a great man. The clinic is clean, the staff are friendly and efficient. Appointments are on time. Brenda W.

Back To Activities

Dr. Hoffman has gotten me back to a reasonable level of life activities. I was unable to walk when I first saw him. He is unlike any other chiropractor I have seen before, and I have seen lots. Geoff A.

Amazing Doctor

Dr. Hoffman is the most amazing doctor that I have ever seen in action. He helps people with problems so varied, it is almost a miracle. He is generous and kind and always treats the cause, not the symptoms. Priscilla B.

Doctor Listens

Dr. Hoffman doesn’t just do adjustments to get you out the door. He takes the time to listen, and help to eliminate chronic issues and reduce your visits over time. Patrick G.

Very Happy

We love how thorough Dr. Hoffman is with all his first visit tests! We were shocked how many things he checks over! Very happy! Raeleen M.

Patient’s Comfort And Concerns First

Dr. Hoffman always puts his patients comfort and concerns first. He continuously goes above and beyond to solve any health concerns not just masking or temporarily making you feel better. Kelsey E.

Very Welcoming

Very welcoming and comforting environment for the whole family. Kayla W.

Very Satisfied

I had traveled a long way for the appointment. I felt that Dr. Hoffman, and his staff, respected that and allowed extra time for me and did a very thorough first visit. I am very satisfied with my first visit. Lois M.


Thought your staff was very professional and Wade took the time to explain the x-rays he took and made me feel relaxed, and my neck pain has subsided. Bruce K.

Eager To Begin Treatment

The assessment I received from Dr. Hoffman and his team was the most thorough I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors. I’m eager to hear the results and begin treatment! John M.


Thankful for Dr.Hoffman and his team! Excited for my family to be given the opportunity to receive treatments that will maximize our performance, lifestyle and health. Kristy F.

I’m Pain Free

For the first time in along time I’m pain free! Kayla S.

One Of The Best

Dr. Norman Hoffman is one of the best chiropractors who I have met. He helped me alot with my son and thanks to him my little boy gets better and better! I really trust his advice and knowledge. Ieva M.

Feeling Amazing

I had so many symptoms for months, and nothing would help! I have been coming for almost 6 months and I am feeling amazing. Jenny H.

Great Service

Great service. He has made every effort to provide information and resource to improve my overall health. Gives great care in each detail. Stephanie G.


Dr. Hoffman is very knowledgeable and patient. He explains procedures very clearly and relates them to his patients in terms they can understand. Jean L.

He Cares

He cares, and he is progressive with educating us to be healthier. Danalee G.

Anxiety and Concentration

A Changed Life

An uplifting testimonial from a Red Deer woman, about the amazing transformation she has undergone in a short period of time after coming to see Dr. Norman Hoffman.

A mother who found herself in the same situation as many other women, anxious, unable to concentrate and focus, and feeling like she was “on” all of the time. She made the decision to do this for herself, and it has changed her life!

Babies & Chiropractic Care

“After my twin babies were born, I noticed that one was having trouble latching on and nursing in the traditional cradle hold. She seemed to get very frustrated and cried a lot. Dr. Hoffman examined her at seven days of age and found that her neck would only turn so much on the one side. He adjusted her and since then she has been nursing in all position without any trouble at all. My deepest thanks to Dr. Hoffman for his care for me and my babies.” Colleen, Red Deer, Alberta

“Dr. Hoffman has been great in treating myself, my wife, my step daughter and her newborn baby. He has treated some things that I didn’t associate with chiropractic care. He is very easy to talk to about problems or issues and is very knowledgeable in dealing with them.” Scott G

Back Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I injured my back at work a year and a half ago. I had countless tests and treatments that didn’t help. I was in such pain that I was not sleeping or eating right. I had constant headaches and was very depressed. I felt a difference after just three adjustments. The pain is gone. No more headaches and I can now sleep like a baby. If it weren’t for Dr. Hoffman I would have had a needless surgery on my back. Thank you for giving me my life back!” Rose

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“Dr. Hoffman excels in caring for the whole body and spine health. He continuously is taking and updating courses to offer the latest and best treatments for his patients. My back has never felt better and Dr. Hoffman is helping me with improving my overall health.”  Rochelle S

“He is the first chiropractor to help me gain relief for my back symptoms. Also his focus on whole health and supplements has also been helpful and effective.” Cheynne S

“Dr. Hoffman has helped me a lot with my health since I came and he takes a personal interest in his patients. My back has been a lot better with coming to him. He also takes an interest in diet and exercise.” Diane B

“Dr. Hoffman always has time to listen. He listens and he uses his vast knowledge to fix the problem as well as recommend other methods to help with any issues. He is very thorough in providing care for his patients, my back has greatly improved since coming to him. He was recommended by two if my coworkers who also feel the same way.” Bambi S

“When I began chiropractic care the pain in my lower back was debilitating. I also had pain between my shoulder blades and in my neck. The pain is steadily diminishing which has enhanced life. Work is easier, sleep is undisturbed and for the fist time in years, I can work without a back brace!” Irv

“I came to see Dr. Hoffman because of the intense pain along my entire spine and the burning and weakness in my legs. Since receiving chiropractic care, the pain has drastically reduced which help me sleep better and do more. For example, I can ride in vehicles for longer periods of time.” Diana, Rimbey, Alberta

“My back was in so much pain that my arm swinging while I walked was extremely painful. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I am now functioning normally. I can now pick up my kids and play with them again.” Mike, Red Deer, Alberta

“I have suffered for the past three years with serious degeneration – lower lumbar, spine, and neck. My ribs wouldn’t stay in place and I had such pain in my legs that I had to use a cane to walk. I saw several medical doctors and other chiropractors, and I was told that I would not be walking at all in two years. After about six weeks of care from Dr. Hoffman, I felt very good again!

Dr. Hoffman has all the latest knowledge and equipment, and a whole new world of information and knowledge that changes the whole scope of health, wellness and chiropractic. I have improved greatly and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hoffman and his staff!” Marlene, Edmonton, Alberta

Balance and Sleeping Patterns

Madyx’s Story

This testimonial is from a mom who has seen great improvements in both her son’s balance and sleeping patterns since coming in to see Dr. Hoffman.

It’s worth the watch just to see the cameo from Madyx at the end!

Bowels & Chiropractic Care

“When I first started at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness, my bowels had not functioned on their own for 6 months. I was also experiencing neck stiffness and lower back pain. Since getting regular chiropractic care, not only are my bowels functioning again, but I sleep through the night, have more energy, and less back and neck pain. The office is clean and spacious. Dr. Hoffman was interested and listened to my history and concerns regarding my overall health. His knowledge and experience are priceless to someone who has chronic pain.” Jean, Red Deer, Alberta

Children & Chiropractic Care

“My son was hyper and unable to concentrate. I noticed an improvement in 2 weeks. And in only 6 weeks he became a different boy. He is a much more happy and contented child. And he can now play quietly by himself.” Diane

Read more testimonials from families…

“My daughter had constant ear infections and allergies to animals, food etc. She now has no earaches and no allergic reactions.” Lisa

“I was twelve when my grandma encouraged me to see Dr. Hoffman for my low back pain, headaches and pain in my heel and ankles. My heel problems had forced me to quit gymnastics. I went to many different doctors but no one had any solutions, they all said that I would have to grow out of it. After a few treatments of Dr. Norm re-aligning my ankles and spine, I was able to return to gymnastics. I have even succeeded in making it past the first stage of the National Team trials.” Carmen, Bowden, Alberta

“I had headaches, strep throat, and ear infections that made me miss 40 days of school in grade 5. Since receiving chiropractic care, I have not been on antibiotics, no strep throat and I had only ear problem that was cured without antibiotics! I haven’t missed any school. I haven’t missed any hockey or any other sport. I have more energy.” James, Red Deer, Alberta

Bowels & Behaviour

This testimonial is from a grandmother who brought in her grandson after experiencing wonderful results with Dr. Hoffman herself. Joan talks about how her grandson, since coming in to see Dr. Hoffman, has put on weight, become less hyperactive, and is enjoying school more this year.

In her words, “It’s really been a good experience for all of us.”

Depression, Brain Fog & Numbness

A renewed sense of hope

This is a great story of about a renewed sense of hope!

This wife and mother tried everything to feel better, and get her life back. She sought out the advice of medical professionals, neurologists, etc. with nothing giving her the relief that she needed.

After being under Dr. Hoffman’s care she is finally feeling like herself again!

Ears & Chiropractic Care

“Our daughter was experiencing chronic ear infections before receiving chiropractic care at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness. After a few chiropractic care sessions our daughter no longer has ear infections related to colds, flus or swimming. We are now able to enjoy swimming again as a family without the concern of our daughter getting an ear infection. Chiropractic care will always be a part of our families health & wellness care!” Lisa, Red Deer, Alberta

“I brought my three year old daughter in to see Dr. Norm because of her constant ear infections. For the previous two years she had spent most of the time taking antibiotics and now there was a possibility that she would have to have tubes in her ears. Since receiving care, her ear infections have been significantly reduced. She did not have to have the tubes put in and her antibiotic intake has been reduced by 75%. As a side benefit, my daughter is in a far better mood after her adjustments, so I often bring her in when she is whiny and hyperactive.”

“When I began chiropractic care, the ringing in my ears was so intense that it would wake me up at night. After seeing Dr. Norm, I can sleep at night and the overall results have been great! I have more energy and can hear better.” Lonnie

Focus and Reading & Chiropractic Care


Kerrie talks about her daughter’s progress in reading and focus in school.

This little girl no longer needs her glasses and now enjoys reading after coming in to see Dr Hoffman and getting regular adjustments.

What parent wouldn’t want to see these kind of results in their children! It’s awesome to say the least!

Hands/Arms & Chiropractic Care

” I had numbness going down my left arm. I can now go back to the gym and finish a work out.” Darwin, Red Deer, Alberta

Hip Pain & Chiropractic Care

“Before meeting Dr. Hoffman I used to experience extreme pain in my hips which made walking very difficult. It also was quite uncomfortable sitting and lying down and I also suffered from frequent headaches. Since receiving care I can now walk with ease and without a limp at all! I have no pain in my hips and headaches are far less frequent. I can do everything a 29 year old should be able to do; run, walk, dance, jump, climb stairs! The incredible team at the clinic is always friendly and Dr. Hoffman is always amusing, as well as very skilled. The advanced technology and the client care classes are great too!” Amanda

Knee Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I was experiencing severe knee joint pain with every step I took. It also ached when I wasn’t walking. I had experienced this for 15 years with it getting increasing worse to the point that I could barely walk. I am amazed with results. I can now walk any distance I like and be on my feet for any amount of time I like and I feel no pain. Simply ” a miracle” Thank you Dr. Hoffman, for caring for me and helping me so much” L.B., Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Menopause & Chiropractic Care

“Before coming to Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness I was experiencing menopausal symptoms, I hurt all the time and was tired with no energy. Since receiving chiropractic care I no longer hurt, I have energy and feel good both mentally and physically. With the new found energy I can now exercise and go all day, doing things I never felt like doing before!” Maureen, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Neck Pain & Chiropractic Care

“A constant throbbing in my neck area which had been causing my hands to fall asleep was the reason I began to see Dr. Hoffman. Since coming to the clinic, the pain is next to nothing and I can do everything that I enjoyed before! The friendly atmosphere, the “Doc” and the feeling after an appointment are among the many things I enjoy when visiting the clinic. I plan to continue my care for overall maintenance!” Vicky, Drumheller, Alberta

Sciatica & Chiropractic Care

“I had severe, debilitating sciatic pain and since coming to Dr. Hoffman I am 98% pain free. I am no longer living on pain killers. I am a lot happier and I have been told I am looking healthier too. The staff is very friendly and polite.” Janice

Shoulder Pain & Chiropractic Care


Kerrie talks about her husband’s experience with shoulder pain that just wouldn’t go away even though he had been to see other chiropractors. After coming to see Dr. Hoffman for one adjustment, the shoulder pain was gone!

Frozen Shoulder

“I have a frozen shoulder with very limited use of left arm.

Since coming to the clinic I have MUCH more freedom of movement and MUCH less pain.

I can do my own hair again. I can work a full day at the computer pain free! I can reach for things without sharp jabs of pain!

I can even fight with the cat (and win) and can make sudden evasive moves with my left arm!

Fantastic. The appointments are arranged to accommodate my schedule. The Dr. and staff are personable. I’m getting results!”

Sleeping Problems & Chiropractic Care

Hoffman Chiropractic

Reagan Dale Neis

“I had such low energy in the daytime because of my inability to sleep and also to relax. After 3 treatments I literally was sleeping 50% better. Within 6 treatments, I was 70% better and back to a normal sleeping pattern. I’m experiencing dreams for the first time in at least two years. I have far more energy in the day.I have a completely different view of chiropractic care after coming to this office. I love that Dr. Hoffman has not just a vast knowledge of the human body from a medical stand point but also looks for ways to heal the body from a homeopathic stand point, introducing vitamins, herbs and many different types of chiropractic care into the treatments to give patients a total health makeover.” Reagan Dale Neis, Actress (Material Girls, Maybe It’s Me (TV Series), A Minute with Stan Hooper (TV Series), Malcolm in the Middle)

“I began chiropractic because I couldn’t sleep due to a violent home invasion. I would sleep 1-2 hours at a time. The very first night I saw Dr. HoffmanI got my first 8hr sleep in 5 years. I now continue to go to keep me healthy and able to sleep and to be able to participate in physical activities. I’m not always tired and on edge, I have more energy and I am more peaceful.”

“I was having trouble with sleeplessness. Now I only wake once or twice a night. I am more awake at work and have more energy.” Bonnie

Stomach Pain & Chiropractic Care

“I started Chiropractic for my constant stomach pain, bloating and aching. My food digestion was at a minimal amount. Dr. Hoffman actually listened and addressed issues I brought up! I now experience only sporadic pain and bloating and he has had me allergy tested as well and discovered that I am allergic to wheat. I have less irritability; I’m not as moody, have better focus and am all around more relaxed and happy!” Lauren

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“I have had stomach pain along with bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Since coming to the clinic my stomach pain has been completely eliminated. The constipation and diarrhea bouts have been equally reduced. I have not had to receive medical attention or hospital admittance since starting treatments. I like the relaxed atmosphere, along with the time taken to explain symptoms.” Ron, Red Deer, Alberta

“No more heartburn or uncomfortable feelings from being bloated! I am able to enjoy doing the things I previously enjoyed! The staff are friendly and helpful.” Dorille, Red Deer, Alberta

“I had a bleeding ulcer with cramping and weight loss. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I gained all my weight back and have no more pain or cramps and I am no longer bleeding. I now have my life back, I can go and enjoy everything I’ve always loved to do. I wish everyone would try Dr. Hoffman – I can’t describe just how much he has done for me – I owe him a lot of thanks!” Lorraine, Lacombe, Alberta

Sports & Chiropractic Care

“I am a power lifter. I competed in the Junior National Power lifting Championship and placed silver in the 90kg class. This sport is brutal on my joints! For several years I had suffered pain in my neck and lower back, shoulders and knees and injury to both rotor cuffs. The culmination of severe pain and weakness in both shoulders had stopped me from competing. Then it all changed…. I met Dr. Hoffman and I got better! During my first treatment, I drilled him with every question I could think of and Dr. Hoffman answered every one thoroughly and to my satisfaction. The adjustments were different – a lot less forceful then I had been receiving from previous chiropractors. I started to improve immediately! There was less pain in both shoulders and I regained my strength slowly. I continue to see Dr. Hoffman to prevent this injury from coming back and maintenance adjustments keep me in top performance. He is the only chiropractor I trust to help me and the reason I drive three hours to do so.” Dino, Edmonton

TMJ & Chiropractic Care

“I used to wake up hurting and needed medication for the TMJ pain. After coming to the clinic, I seldom wake up in pain and haven’t had to take meds. I just feel better overall, and definitely enjoy not having pain in my jaw! I also sleep better. There is very little wait time.” Dayna, Red Deer, Alberta

“I had an extremely tense jaw that I couldn’t open. Since coming to Dr. Hoffman I can now eat a steak! It is so good to be able to open my mouth and enjoy food.” Michelle, Red Deer, Alberta

“I have had terrible jaw pain for about six years. I had been diagnosed with TMJ and I went to a very expensive specialized dentist and also tried acupuncture. Nothing had the lasting effect I was looking for. I was also having neck, back, and hip pain that required me to take nine pain killers a day. After seeing Dr. Norm my pain has been reduced tremendously and I no longer take any pain pills. I have more energy too. With Dr. Hoffman’s unique techniques I have had better results than with anything else I’ve ever tried. I feel 100% better.” Stephanie, Red Deer, Alberta

Women & Chiropractic Care

“I started care because of lower back pain I was experiencing. But I was also experiencing such severe menstrual cramps that I would be incapacitated for at least a day each month. I had been like this since I could remember. After a very gentle adjustment to my tailbone, my lower back pain went away almost immediately. And my cramps have almost completely disappeared. It’s always amazes me what chiropractic can do”

“I had constant pain in my neck, lower back, hips, knees, ankles, and wrists. I especially had heavy/painful cramping during my menstrual cycle. I now have less pain and when I maintain my adjustments my menstrual cycle is mild and no cramps at all!” J.K., Edmonton, Alberta

Multiple Symptoms & Chiropractic Care

“I had pain in my back, feet, shoulders and neck all of the time. I used rubbing creams, sleeping pills, and all kinds of anti-inflammatory pills. This went on for 28 years! My stomach couldn’t take the pills anymore and I was so unhappy. This has all changed since seeing Dr. Norm. I am happier, not in pain, and sleeping through the night without pills. I can’t believe it! It is like a miracle.” Jean, Rimbey, Alberta

“I was having headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, blackouts, severe back aches, severe asthma, and stomach cramps. I now don’t have any of these complaints – I don’t even use my inhaler anymore. I can walk farther than across the room and I can sleep through the night.” Lisa

“Before receiving chiropractic care, I was in constant pain with memory loss, fatigue, headaches and anxiety. After only a short while, the pain has decreased significantly. Now I can get my housework done and life is more enjoyable” Crystall, Innisfail, Alberta

“I came to Dr. Hoffman with back, neck, shoulder pain, and in emotional turmoil. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I feel more relaxed because the pain has been reduced. Life is enjoyable and good again. I have more energy and am able to do things I have not been able to do for sometime.” Sheldon, Red Deer, Alberta

“Before seeing Dr. Hoffman I was uptight, had neck pain, sleeplessness and unable to be mobile without feeling stiff. I now have no pain, sleep well, and feel 100% better. I am able to walk further and faster and am able to enjoy more activities with great ease, making me a more pleasant person to be around. I am able to meet challenges of every day living with a better attitude.” Trudy

“Prior to starting my care at Hoffman Chiropractic & Wellness I was experiencing back, shoulder, hand and hip pain. As I have been receiving my chiropractic care my body pain is gone! I am now able to participate in lots of activities and exercise again. I believe chiropractic care can benefit everyone!” Nieva, Red Deer, Alberta

“I had severe pain in my lower back, neck, and shoulders. I am now able to do more things that I could do before and with much less pain. The office has a comfortable atmosphere and they are friendly and accommodating.” Lora, Fort St. John, British Columbia

“I had lower back pain and right hip pain. I am now feeling much better. I am starting to forget what it was like to be in pain all the time. The office is very pleasant and the staff is friendly. The Dr. is very honest and explains things clearly.” Ioney, Red Deer, Alberta

Letters of Thanks

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